Get answers to all your air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and sanitization questions from our experienced technicians at The Duct Busters.

Regular and professional air duct cleaning can significantly improve the health of the indoor air in your Medina home. Once we clean your ducts and remove the build-up dust and debris, you will notice:

  • Even temperatures in the rooms
  • Improved airflow
  • Lower utility bills
  • Reduced allergy triggers
  • Clean and fresh air
  • Reduced frequency of home cleaning

Professional air duct cleaning, sanitization, and deodorization can reduce bacteria, mold, pollen, fungi, and dust.

These contaminants are common and can trigger asthma, allergies, and other health issues. Reducing the impurities in your air ducts will allow the air to circulate more freely, resulting in a healthier and cleaner environment.

How Often Should I Clean My Air Ductwork?

At The Duct Busters, we recommend you clean your air ducts at least once a year. Homeowners in Medina, OH, and the surrounding areas may consider more frequent services if there:

  • Are family members with asthma or allergies
  • Are smokers in the family
  • Are pet hair and dander
  • Is smoke or water contamination
  • Is home renovation or remodeling

While you can clean your dryer vent yourself, you don’t have the professional and high-powered tools to remove all impurities. Considering that dryer vent fires are one of the possible causes of home fires in Medina, OH, and other areas in the United States, it pays to invest in professional dryer vent cleaning.

At The Duct Busters, we recommend homeowners consider yearly dryer vent cleaning. However, some factors can affect the cleaning schedule and require more frequent services:

  • If your dryer is ten years old
  • If the vent has several elbows or bends
  • If you are using the appliance a lot
  • If the dryer is longer is size

Ductwork sanitization and deodorization aren’t necessary after each cleaning. Regular air duct or dryer vent cleaning is enough in most situations. You should consider sanitization or deodorization if:

  • Someone in your family has allergies or other health concerns
  • You keep pets
  • There is a strange odor
  • There is water damage or leak in your ductwork

For quality air duct and dryer vent cleaning in Medina, OH, and Cuyahoga Counties, call The Duct Busters at 330-299-8300.