Signs a Home Needs Air Duct Deodorization and Sanitization Services

What is Air Duct Deodorization and Sanitization?

During the spring, homeowners spring into action to clean up their homes. While they remove clutter and deep clean the house, bigger problems may be lurking that can cause complications ranging from mild inconvenience to serious health problems.

A principal concern of homeowners that decide to take on spring cleaning projects should be the air quality in the home. Good indoor air quality can help support hygiene goals in the home and the good health of those living there by reducing allergies and asthma. Low-quality indoor air can cause musty odors to linger, dust to settle around the home, and constant respiratory upsets.

One of the main causes of low-quality indoor air is dirty ductwork. This spring, take the advice of local indoor air quality experts and schedule air duct deodorization and sanitization.

Mold or Moisture in the Ducts

One of the chief tasks of the air conditioner is to remove excess humidity that creeps into the home during the summer. In perfect conditions, dry, cool air is circulating through ductwork in the home. Dry conditions in the ductwork naturally prevent mold growth on the air duct walls.

Under certain conditions, moisture may be allowed in the air ducts. Common sources of moisture in ductwork are:

When moisture is allowed to settle in ductwork, it fuels mold growth. When mold grows on ductwork, spores are constantly pumped throughout the home. Constant exposure to mold spores can have drastic health consequences. Duct sanitization kills mold and removes spores so families can live in good health and fresh air again.

Lingering Odors From Air Ducts

How can a homeowner tell if they have ducts that are infected with mold? The easiest tipoff is the smell. Homes that suffer from high humidity often have a musty odor and a clammy feel. It remains despite the owner’s best efforts to cover up or eliminate the smell. Without treating the source of the odor, the home will be doomed to smell musty.

Luckily, duct deodorization can remove the source of musty smells permanently. This spring, schedule a professional to deodorize and sanitize air ducts so owners can enjoy a clean-smelling home.

Residents Suffer From Allergies or Asthma

Respiratory health is the biggest complication of living in a home with dirty air ducts. Those suffering from allergies and asthma have a hard time dealing with the constant bombardment of mold and dust from dirty air ducts. This problem is compounded in the spring when pollen causes much suffering.

For those that suffer from allergies and asthma, the best thing is to schedule duct cleaning every few years. Cleaner air will lead to drastic improvements in health and the clean ducts can be protected by replacing air filters every few months. With good air filters and sanitized air ducts, allergy sufferers can enjoy the spring again.

About The Duct Busters

The Duct Busters is ready to help everyone breathe easier in the spring. Their crews perfectly complement a spring cleaning program with comprehensive duct cleaning services, including deodorizing and sanitizing. Call today for straightforward pricing on duct cleaning in Medina, OH.

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