Signs You Need Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Keep the Home Safe With Dryer Vent Cleaning

Being able to do the laundry at home makes the chore much easier. Unfortunately, the convenience of having a washer and dryer in the home can come at a cost. Dryers use intense heating, tumbling action, and blowers to drive moisture out of wet clothing through ductwork, exhausting outside the home. As dryers tumble, they loosen clothing fibers and cause fine lint particles to be exhausted through the ductwork.

The fine lint removed from clothing tends to accumulate in the dryer drum and ductwork. This lint is extremely flammable and can easily ignite when coupled with the high heat of a dryer. Every year, 3,000 house fires are traced back to the dryer. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest risks to mitigate. Here are some tips from local dryer vent cleaning industry experts that can help prevent disaster in every home.

Burning Smell

To understand how dryers work, it can be helpful to visualize them as a vacuum. Dryers use blowers to pull air from the house through the drum and then push it outdoors. Dryers need to move air with no impedance to operate at peak effectiveness. While all that air is moving, it is quickly heated to speed up moisture removal. Heat can build up inside the drum when air flow is slowed down. Coupling the heat buildup with fine, combustible lint and it’s easy to see how dryers can ignite.

One of the early signs that a dryer may be about to catch fire is the presence of burning smells. With modern textiles, they won’t often immediately burst into flame. Often they will smolder as they tumble. This gives homeowners a few moments to react to prevent disaster.

Long Drying Times

While burning smells are an immediate sign that something is wrong, there are early signs that dryer vents cleaning is needed. When airflow is restricted from dirty air filters or a build up of lint in dryer vents, air can’t circulate effectively inside the drum. This means dryers must work harder and longer to dry clothes, raising energy bills. If dry cycles seem longer than they used to, then there is likely an obstruction in the dryer vent.

Dryer vent cleaning uses special tools to remove lint and obstructions from dryers. Scheduling this service once per year and always cleaning the lint filter before a load can protect a home from dryer fires.

Excessive Lint

Dryers can be hard on clothing and cause them to shrink and the cotton to pill on the fabric’s surface. To some degree, lint will always be present on fabrics, but an excessive amount is a problem. Lint should be caught on the filter as air flows through the dryer. The lint gets stuck on clothing if the filter is dirty or airflow is restricted. If excessive lint is present on clothes or cotton pills are a big problem, dryer vent cleaning can help. Not only can it prevent lint on clothes, but it will also stave off the risk of a fire.

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