Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

What is the Purpose of Duct Cleaning?

Spring is historically the big season for cleaning. Spring season checklists are designed to clean up the house after people have been stuck indoors for so long. Unfortunately, spring cleaning is too late to make a difference where it counts.

With everyone stuck indoors in the winter, indoor air quality becomes a major concern. Poor indoor air quality contributes to poor health, especially concerning the lungs and respiratory system. Cleaning air ducts during the winter is a great way to keep the family safe from dirty air. Instead of waiting till spring, when people traditionally start spending more time outside, take this advice from local experts and get air ducts cleaned immediately.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Winter tends to take a toll on the body. Cold weather and low humidity compound to lower immunity. Couple that with the fact that more people congregate indoors, and it’s the perfect recipe for poor health.

Poor indoor air quality can manifest in health problems like:

  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections
  • Susceptibility to viruses like the flu or COVID
  • Dry eyes
  • Cracking skin

The best way to combat all of these at once is to clean up the air that everyone is constantly exposed to. Dirty air ducts are clogged with allergens, mold, and pathogens that greatly worsen health effects. A quick visit from a duct cleaning service can reverse these problems and keep the family healthy during the winter.

Restores Efficiency

A heater and air conditioner system is only as efficient as the day it is installed. Every season the heating and cooling system is in service, it loses efficiency and becomes more expensive. One of the things that can drastically affect efficiency is the cleanliness of the air ducts.

Heating and cooling systems are designed to move large volumes of air unobstructed through ductwork. When dust and grime are allowed to accumulate on the inside walls of the ductwork and the blower fins, airflow is restricted. The problem starts small at first because the dust is still small and doesn’t add up to a lot of restricted flow. However, over time the problem continues to get worse. Cleaning the inside of air ducts removes flow restrictions and restores efficiency to the heating and cooling system. This allows for shorter cycles and noticeably smaller utility bills.

Helps Technicians Find Other Problems

Ductwork tends to be forgotten because it is tucked away from sight. However, ductwork can have major health implications and affect the home’s integrity. Scheduling duct cleaning service allows professionals to look into the ductwork in the home and ensure that everything is okay. These professionals will often make minor repairs or schedule major repairs before problems get any worse. Having this service done every couple of years ensures the home stays healthy and that the heating and cooling system has sound ductwork to serve the home.

About The Duct Busters

The Duct Busters is a locally-owned duct cleaning service keeping their neighbors’ air clean all year. Homeowners can keep their homes safe and efficient with their acclaimed duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services. Call today for fast duct cleaning service in Medina, OH.

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