What are Whole House Sanitization and Deodorization?

Keep Air Ducts Germ-Free and Smelling Clean

The cleanliness of the air that people are constantly exposed to is vital for good health. With cold and flu season on the way and a pandemic still circulating, it is an excellent time to ensure that a home’s health is maximized. Duct cleaning can be a great way to reduce the amount of dust and pollutants in the house but is it enough to improve the indoor air quality to the degree that it will protect from illness? While duct cleaning can help significantly with problems like allergies and asthma, it doesn’t completely destroy pathogens like mold, viruses, and bacteria that can irritate lung problems and cause serious health issues. 

Luckily, air duct cleaning services have an answer to the problem. Air duct sanitization and deodorization aim to make ductwork completely free of harmful particles and pathogens that contribute to foul odors and poor overall health. This article is a quick guide to the processes of air duct deodorization and sanitization and the benefits of these professional services. 

Air Duct Sanitization

ductOne of the big contributors to low indoor air quality is the presence of microbes, constantly contributing to low-grade illness or severe conditions. Bacteria and viruses in the home can become a regular part of the ecosystem of dirty ductwork. While a normal duct cleaning procedure can go a long way towards wiping out the ecosystem that grows in ductwork, it will usually not wholly sanitize the ductwork. 

Air duct sanitization is the next and final step in cleaning air ducts to the point that they aren’t the source of lung problems. Air duct sanitization uses a special process to kill dangerous microbes and mold after they have been routinely cleaned. The process adds a nominal cost to the procedure, and it takes a few minutes longer, but the benefits are clear for those that suffer from conditions like:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Compromised immunity
  • Chronic sinus infections

Air Duct Deodorization

smellsAir duct deodorization is a service to help homes and businesses that suffer from musty odors or constant bad smells. In many cases, the source of the musty odors is in the ductwork, so it can be next to impossible to remove the smells or cover them up with air filtration or air freshers. That’s where air duct deodorization can help. 

After a regular duct cleaning, if bad odors remain, air duct cleaners can deodorize air ducts. This includes using special chemicals to kill mold that causes bad smells and adding a pleasant aroma to ductwork to emit a better smell continually. Air duct deodorization is great for homes and businesses that want to leave a better impression on their guests or people tired of living in a stinky house. 

Benefits of Duct Sanitization and Deodorization

Air duct cleaning is an essential service, but the ductwork isn’t truly clean until it has been sanitized and deodorized. Some of the reasons to spring for these extra steps are: 

  • Improved immunity
  • Improved lung function
  • Reduction of allergies
  • Better health overall
  • Better smelling home
  • More inviting home or business 
  • Constant exposure to pure, clean air 

About The Duct Busters

The Duct Busters use the latest duct cleaning, whole-house sanitization, and deodorization techniques to make homes safe from the hazards lurking in their ductwork. This locally-owned business provides upfront pricing, on-time arrival, and financing. Call them today for duct deodorization and sanitization services in Medina, OH.

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