Common Types of Air Ducts in Residential AC Systems

What are the Different Types of Air Ducts

Ductwork for heating and air conditioners comes in many styles. Luckily for homeowners, deciding which type is best for their home isn’t something they have to do alone. A reliable HVAC professional will help recommend the best air ducts for a home that are long-lasting and cost-efficient. However, homeowners should be aware of their options when replacing the air ducts. Here is a quick guide to different types of air ducts from industry professionals.

Why are Different Types of Ductwork Used?

Part of the reason why a certain type of duct is used has to do with house layout. Depending on their placement in the system, several types of ductwork can be used in one house to circulate air. The main goals of installing different kinds of ductwork are ease of installation and total system cost.

Certain types of ductwork are easier to install than others. For example, fiberboard air ducts are great at the beginning of a duct system because they can accommodate multiple branch lines. Using different types of ducts in different situations can save time on installation without sacrificing performance. It also reduces the total amount of more expensive ducting types, further lowering the total cost of installation.

Most Common Ductwork Styles

common air duct typesThe most commonly found air duct styles in a home are:

  • Flexible Air Ducts: These are a great option for hard-to-reach places where sheet metal ducts won’t fit. They are also used to navigate around attics quickly.
  • Fiberglass-Lined Air Ducts: Fiberglass-lined ducts use fiberglass insulation to prevent the loss of cooled air when transported around the home. These are most often used in very large residential settings or commercial installations.
  • Sheet Metal Air Ducts: The gold standard of ductwork. These ducts are more expensive than some of the other options but provide the best longevity and efficiency.
  • Fiberboard Air Ducts: Common in air plenums, they are used to connect different branch lines to make a cheap but effective joint in the ductwork.

Which Type is Best in a Home?

sheet metal ductAir duct cleaning is an important service for homeowners that wish to breathe the freshest air. Experts recommend having the air ducts cleaned every two to three years to prevent dangerous buildups of mold and bacteria on the internal walls of the air ducts. So to answer the question “which type is best for a home,” the best choice is the one that is the most often recommended and can be easily cleaned over the years.

Sheet metal ducts are non-porous and the most durable type of duct used in residential construction. Their non-porous nature means they harbor fewer germs and grime, and their durable construction means they can stand up to cleanings yearly. While sheet metal ducts are a more expensive option up front, they are guaranteed to last for much longer than any other types and don’t harbor germs like fiberglass or flexible ducts. Luckily, sheet metal ducts are the common choice in construction.

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